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The Importance of Showing and Sharing Your Love While You're Still Alive

Sometimes it's all too easy to let life pass by without saying the really important things. An outpouring of love and well wishes at a funeral is too late for the person to hear, which is why it's so important to show people you love them while you — and they — are still around.

Show people how much you care. Sometimes we recognize special days such as birthdays and holidays but fail to show how much we care in between. The simplest things can let people know you're thinking of them — notes, cards or a phone call to catch up — and can make a big difference.

Give back to show you care. After you die, how will you be remembered? Will people know what was really important to you? When you show that you're passionate about a cause, it resonates with people.

Your time and attention are important. Love doesn't always require a grand gesture. Sometimes, just showing up is enough. Make time for simple things such as attending an event that's important to the person you care about.

Think of the legacy of care you're leaving your loved ones. Family members will remember the time they spent with you. Be mindful of this when you have the opportunity to be together, staying in the moment and focusing on the people you love.

The memories you leave behind will impact your friends and family. After you die, they'll talk about these things. They'll share stories and happy memories, and precious thoughts of time with you will help them begin to heal.

Sometimes, a task you may not even have thought of as an expression of love can end up being the most thoughtful way to show you care. An example of this is preplanning for your final arrangements. When you preplan, you reduce your loved ones' stress when you die, giving them the space they need to grieve and begin to heal. You also help them financially by locking in today's rates so they don't have to worry about inflation.

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